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Welcome to PAR Peak Performance!

PAR is honored to welcome the Drive-Thru Partner Community! PAR has been servicing restaurants for over 40 years and adding the G5 Drive-Thru business line is something our team is excited to offer as a natural extension of our restaurant technology solution portfolio.

Optimized for your Success!

PAR will continue offering all current 3M Partner Reward Programs including the Peak Performance Reward Program. For your convenience, the website address and your user login information has NOT changed. PAR has however added an exciting enhancement! Now, through March 31, 2020 you will receive a 25% Accelerator to points earned!

Redeem for Rewards. Repeat.

In no time you’ll have a pile of points to spend – especially with the built-in 25% accelerator through March 31, 2020 . You’ll find millions of amazing prizes and experiences to choose from. Literally millions!